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If a DUI conviction is not an option; if a DUI conviction will destroy your life; then it is time to turn to a nationally recognized leader of the DUI Defense Bar—James Farragher Campbell.

The ABCs Of DUI Defense: A guide for those arrested
by James Farragher Campbell, ESQ.

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I see my career in DUI defense before my eyes on a daily basis. As I sit behind my desk, I easily recall the many memories of cases and people I have come across in the practice of law. I have mementos of everything significant either hanging on the walls or set about throughout the office. And, as I look around my office, I am visually reminded that I have seen the best of times and the worst of times in criminal defense.

I have represented truly falsely-accused individuals; and, I have represented people who have clearly violated the law. Some of those were found guilty, some were spared a much worse sentence than they might have otherwise received, and some walked away from a conviction. When people find themselves in trouble behind the wheel, our office is usually the firm they hope to retain.

One reason I have written this small book is to properly inform you of what you may expect if you’ve been arrested for a DUI and what you can do before retaining a lawyer.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would you provide so much valuable information for almost nothing?” The answer is actually quite simple: Trust.

Since 1975 I have attempted to develop and maintain an excellent reputation as a lawyer and, as the head of a law firm that does everything legally possible to win your case, we want to be a law firm that can be trusted both ethically and professionally. I believe this book is a good start to building that trust.

Some law firms or lawyers do not want you to know too much about what they actually do or can do in your defense. By providing this uncensored information now, I believe you will be better-educated about your case and about the lawyers who handle DUI cases. I know that if I give you sound information on what to look for in an attorney as well as how to evaluate your case, you will be in a better position to select the best lawyer for yourself.